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What To Look For When Hiring A Remote Employee

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a trend of working from home, extending into the foreseeable future, or even becoming permanent for some companies. When hiring remote employees, managers need to look for self-motivation, independence, and adaptability.

Here is a look at those factors:


By now, a large portion of the nation’s workforce has gotten a taste of working from home, whether it’s been temporary or if it’s become permanent. Hiring managers will be looking for employees who can self-motivate without having a supervisor looking over their shoulders or poking their head into their cubicles every once in a while.

Most employees should have learned by now how to deal with the distractions of remote working, such as having kids and pets around, overcoming technical glitches, and having a comfortable setup. When hiring, a company should ask job candidates to explain how they stay motivated and organized to meet deadlines for submitting tasks and provide an example or two of how they completed a project by going above and beyond while dealing with the limitations and challenges of remote work.


Ideal candidates can work independently of the office setting yet remain team-oriented. That can be challenging, particularly when looking for an employee to add to a team or group.

A successful candidate will tell how he or she was able to decide about a project independently of a manager or team and how they were able to work through or communicate a problem while striving to deliver a satisfactory result for the customer.

Look for adaptability

While successful candidates should be accustomed to working 9 to 5 in a remote setting, you also might need them to demonstrate that they can be flexible enough to work with colleagues located in a different time zone. As a good work-life balance, you might find a candidate who is willing to adjust their hours and, in return, be able to spend time with family members or do chores and run errands during what would normally be regular work hours.

Above all, look for candidates who are self-starters and can manage their time without constant supervision.

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