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5 Helpful Tips For Training A New Hire Quicker

Training new hires can take time, which equates to costs. Whether your firm is an established brick-and-mortar company or a startup, you might not have that time.

To streamline the process, here are some helpful tips:

  1. The grand tour

The first order of business should be showing a new employee around the office, so they know where everything is: the receptionist, HR, the IT department, the copy machine, the conference room, the mailroom, the restroom, and the break room. Making new employees feel comfortable is a big step toward productivity.

  1. Introductions

Now that the new employee has seen the lay of the land, it’s time for him or her to meet the real resources of your firm: the co-workers. Introductions should be made in order of importance: team leaders, team members and anyone else the new employee will be working closely with. It will take time for the newbie to learn names, faces, and roles, so help them out and give them a list that includes all the specifics.

  1. Get down to business

If there is an employee handbook or training guide, now is the time to give it to the new employee and give them time to read through it and ask questions. New employees need to get off to a quick start, which includes doing things the right way. This is where new employees learn their roles, responsibilities, and company culture. Make things clear and concise to avoid any confusion and help the employee get off to a productive start.

  1. Specific training

If any job training is video-based, have the new employee watch short clips, not long ones. Also, assign them to a team or workgroup so they can begin learning their tasks and get into the workflow.

  1. Provide feedback

Winging it does not lead to a knowledgeable, productive employee. The first few days or weeks can be overwhelming for a new employee, so be available to answer questions and offer feedback. The quicker a new employee becomes comfortable, the quicker they will contribute to the company’s success.

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