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Learn Important Attributes to Look For in Job Candidates

To ensure you are hiring the right person for the job, look for someone who creates an excellent first impression, displays a strong work ethic, communicates clearly and effectively, takes ownership of past results, and more. Understand how to evaluate clients based on these attributes and take your hiring search to the next level.

First Impression

An excellent first impression might be different for each person. Still, some qualities hold true across the board for all job candidates. When meeting a potential hire, do they look you in the eye and greet you warmly and with a positive attitude? If you feel comfortable with a candidate in the first ten seconds, there is a chance that they are going to make a good impression on your clients and colleagues.


Asking a candidate about their work background gives them a chance to display their ability to work hard. A good work ethic is a great indicating factor to determine if a hire is worth the investment and the time. Candidates with a strong work ethic should easily be able to speak about a time when they put in extra work to get the job done. Make sure you use this time to evaluate the candidate’s desire to go above what’s expected. Usually, that’s a good signal for how hard they’ll work if they’re hired.

Communication Skills

Communication is as important in an interview, as is a resume. Does the candidate speak clearly and use professional language? If they can communicate effectively with you, they will be able to do the same with your clients. Remember that communication is not just what is said; it also includes body language and eye contact. Crossed arms, often indicate a person is feeling uncomfortable, whereas a forward posture means they are engaged with what you are saying. Use these as qualifying determiners to help you make the right choice.

At Staffing Resources, we know that your job search is more than just finding the best person for the job. The hiring process is complex and costs both time and money. As a full-service provider of both workplace management and staffing solutions, we know that staffing issues are as diverse and unique as your business.

Partnering with Staffing Resources helps position you ahead of the competition throughout Indiana. We are the leading industry experts to help you find a warehouse, forklift, and general or skilled labor candidates. We also offer placement services for your office and clerical/admin needs. Find out more here.

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