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How to be the Popular Temp Employee Everyone Wants to Work with

To be the temp everyone wants to work with, it’s essential to understand the company’s culture, be easy to train, know how to build rapport, and more.

Just because you are a temporary worker should not mean you do not give it your all – every single day. It is important to remember that temp work is a three-sided work relationship. That means that there are three entities involved and three ways you can positively impact your workplace.

First, the client company where you perform your work is going to expect a certain level of experience and professionalism. Next, the staffing service that helped place you in the work environment will expect you to fulfill your job duties. Finally, as a temp, you are the face of both the staffing agency and the company, so it is important you do your best, every single day.

Why should you work hard as a temp? Well, because if you do good work, you will be more likely to receive repeat work assignments. If you go beyond what is expected, the client company might offer you full-time employment. That is great news, but it comes at a price.

As a temp, you are the product of your own work. You do not have time to spend months developing relationships with the client company, so you must start each day with the right mindset. This means that you should work to stand out and make yourself desirable as an employee.

Become the temp everyone wants to work with when you demonstrate excellent business practices – show up on time, dress appropriately, and make a great first impression.

Try to learn as much about the company culture as possible, and then embrace it. That means you should try to fit in with the expected norms of the company. This includes, but is not limited to, the company’s policies, practices, and management style. Take cues from other workers and try to mimic your behavior to match theirs.

Know how to build relationships with everyone around you. This means you need to be friendly, but do not necessarily need to make friends with everyone. Keep things light and general. After all, you are in the workplace, so you should be professional.

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