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How Would You Like to Write a Perfect Resume? Here’s how

Besides your actual job experience, your resume is the single most important piece of paper in your career. However, writing a resume can be confusing and stressful, especially if you know how to fit all of your important information onto one page. This article will break down all the essential steps for making the perfect resume from scratch.

First off, a resume is a summary of your career written in plain language that anyone can understand. It should be about a page long and highlight the positions you have held during your time working. A resume also can showcase your skills, education, and qualities that make you the ideal candidate for a particular job.

Most hiring managers want answers to three questions when they look at your resume. They want to know what you did at a job, why you did it, and the result of your work. If you can answer all three of these questions in each section of your work history, you are off to a great start.

Remember that precise language is much more impressive than technical jargon that is hard to understand. Instead, make sure you match your word choice for the position posting. If a job post calls for a multi-tasker who enjoys learning new things, make sure your resume showcases that you’ve not only been a multi-tasker but that you love to learn new skills.

When you write a resume, you first pick a format that is going to best suit you. For some people, a standard chronological resume is best. For others, you might want to explore a functional or skill-based resume. Sometimes, a combination resume that combines these two formats is more useful. There are many resources available online that can show you the difference between these resumes. Pick the best one, not the one that looks easiest to create.

With your format selected, you will begin by entering your basic information. Contact information should be at the top, so it is easy to find for recruiters.

Be honest with yourself (and potential employers!) with your summation of skills learned and developed at different jobs. Your work experience should also include each official job title and a summary of what you did while working there.

Finally, you might consider adding information about any skills or education you have related to your job search. This lets hiring managers know that you have not only worked in the field but also certified and educated.

This is the basic layout of every resume. Yours will take some tweaking because you want it to be personable and easy to understand. Once you have this figured out, you are one step closer to landing the perfect job. If you need more help finding that role, Staffing Resources can help.  Contact us today. We’re the premier staffing agency in the area because we know what works.

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