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Learn How To Support Employees Who Are Returning To Work During COVID-19

Gearing up for a return to work during COVID-19 involves more than just offering a clean, sanitized workplace and is reconfigured to allow employees to perform their tasks while social distancing safely.

Employers should also be prepared to support their employees by offering staggered shifts, mental and physical support, and childcare assistance.

Staggered shifts

These are necessary both for employees’ safety and because many businesses might still under mandates by local and state governments that limit the number of employees who can be in the building at one time. Shifts can be staggered either by days of the week or by having an early shift and then a late shift. Staggered shifts also limit the number of people in shared spaces such as cafeterias, if food service is still allowed.

Companies should clean and sanitize workspaces between shifts.

Mental and physical support

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on workers’ psychological and physical health, affecting their professional and personal lives. Some companies have added mental health benefits to help their workers deal with the stress and anxiety brought about by COVID-19.

As part of this service, employees and their family members can contact mental health specialists 24 hours a day to help deal with anxiety about contracting the virus, coping with long periods of social isolation, or dealing with family or friends who have fallen ill.

Child care assistance

The coronavirus crisis has been particularly hard on millions of workers who have children. Daycare centers have been closed, and many schools have pivoted to remote learning, which requires at least one parent to be at home.

Employers can help out via virtual childcare, where babysitters use video chat to spend time with children to allow their parents to do their remote work distraction-free. Another option is in-home childcare, but parents would have to feel comfortable having an outsider in their house.

If companies have resumed some in-office work, management can offer flexible scheduling so parents can come in early or late, so they have more time to spend with their kids.

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