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Managers Play an Important Role in Employee Well-Being

Managers have always played an important role in their employees’ well-being, perhaps never more so than now in the middle of a pandemic. Employees are understandably worried about job stability, their company’s future, and the economy’s health.  Now is the time for managers to be strong, reassuring, and empathetic.  Here are the main ways managers can create conditions… Read More »

Learn How To Support Employees Who Are Returning To Work During COVID-19

Gearing up for a return to work during COVID-19 involves more than just offering a clean, sanitized workplace and is reconfigured to allow employees to perform their tasks while social distancing safely. Employers should also be prepared to support their employees by offering staggered shifts, mental and physical support, and childcare assistance. Staggered shifts These… Read More »

3 Benefits of Direct Hire Through a Staffing Firm

The process of hiring a new team member is hard work. At least, it is when you do it right. It can be problematic to find the right person to fit the role in your company or organization, especially if hiring is not what you do all day. When you partner with a staffing firm,… Read More »

Learn Important Attributes to Look For in Job Candidates

To ensure you are hiring the right person for the job, look for someone who creates an excellent first impression, displays a strong work ethic, communicates clearly and effectively, takes ownership of past results, and more. Understand how to evaluate clients based on these attributes and take your hiring search to the next level. First… Read More »

These Four Hiring Tips Will Help You Find the Best Employees

Hiring the best employees is more of a challenge than ever before due to economic pressures, the need to stay competitive, and changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Among the key considerations during the process are allowing opportunities for questions, hiring for culture, and hiring someone you’d work for. Here are four top tips:… Read More »

5 Helpful Tips For Training A New Hire Quicker

Training new hires can take time, which equates to costs. Whether your firm is an established brick-and-mortar company or a startup, you might not have that time. To streamline the process, here are some helpful tips: The grand tour The first order of business should be showing a new employee around the office, so they… Read More »

What To Look For When Hiring A Remote Employee

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a trend of working from home, extending into the foreseeable future, or even becoming permanent for some companies. When hiring remote employees, managers need to look for self-motivation, independence, and adaptability. Here is a look at those factors: Self-motivation By now, a large portion of the nation’s workforce has… Read More »

The Importance Of Prioritizing Inclusion In Your Company

Inclusion and diversity should be more than just corporate buzzwords. They should become part of your company’s business plan and culture that impact your employee and customer experiences in a positive way that ultimately bolsters the bottom line. Practicing diversity means incorporating different perspectives and insights that lead to better decision-making. It also means making… Read More »

How to Give Employees Constructive Feedback

As managers, we intuitively know that giving and getting honest feedback is essential to grow and develop, and to build successful organizations.  So why is it that many of us put off giving feedback to our employees?  Maybe it’s because there are so many ways to mess it up. Here are some common feedback mistakes:… Read More »