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Solutions As Unique As Your Business

Staffing Resources has been helping businesses solve their staffing challenges since 1994. Whether your needs are temporary or permanent, we can design a solution that will allow you to achieve your strategic goals.

Every day our representatives, together with our clients, work out flexible cost-saving solutions designed to grow and evolve as needs change over time. Staffing Resources provides businesses with an important management resource to handle:

  • Employee absences
  • Seasonal workloads
  • Variable production schedules
  • Complete new hire processes
  • Skill shortages
  • Special projects

People We Recruit

Client Services

Your needs are unique, and your staffing solutions should reflect your challenges, priorities and goals. As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Indiana, our solutions are custom-tailored to your business for both immediate and long-term success.

At Staffing Resources, we take compliance seriously. Our staff is professionally trained in key compliance areas including interviewing, disability and reasonable accommodation, sexual harassment, discharge and other post-employment issues and handling employee discrimination claims.

Trust true experts to deliver service, expertise and results.

Manage variable workloads, busy seasons and large projects with skilled contingent help. Whether you need one employee or a whole team, SRI will design a fast, accurate solution.

Reduce hiring risk by testing out an employee on a temporary basis before you commit to a permanent offer. See how our proven process matches you with your ideal candidates. Commitment to success is what makes SRI one of the leading administrative, industrial and warehouse staffing agencies in Indiana.

We find the ideal match with the right level of experience, fast. Trust SRI to improve hiring accuracy and boost employee retention.

Looking for a single-source, complete staffing management system? We are more than just a light industrial staffing agency. We handle all contingent labor and human resource management. Use our Vendor-Onsite program to streamline contingent hiring, onboarding and workforce management

Reduce burden on your internal HR staff. SRI can do all of your employee payroll and issue you one invoice that includes all taxes, insurance, workers’ compensation and employer matching.

Find the exact people you need, when you need them.

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